Brown Named CEO and Adds Nike and Houston Sports Tech Veteran Executives to Advisory Board

Brown Named CEO and Adds Nike and Houston Sports Tech Veteran Executives to Advisory Board

Former COO and co-founder of Screen Skinz RaShaun Brown has transitioned into the role of CEO. Brown joined the Screen Skinz team in its infancy, partnering with co-founder Clay Canning in 2020. 

In addition to Brown’s position, Screen Skinz has added two new industry experts to the advisory board, David Heath and Ashley DeWalt. 

The board now sits two two former Nike Executives in Jordan Morrell and David Heath, both very respected who bring great value and experience to the team. Dewalt, a Houston sports tech veteran with Div Inc and Mercury, adds a new layer of expertise, specifically in the emerging tech field. 

Brown’s transition into this new role will be seamless due to his knowledge and experience in the licensing space. 

“I believe with all I have been exposed to from undergrad through grad school, work, and starting my first company prepared me for this,” he said. “It's like everything is coming full circle because I didn’t and will not cheat the process. I was eager to learn, build meaningful relationships, and always remained coachable, and have applied all of that to what I am doing now.”

His ascension to the top leadership position follows the recommendation of the newly created advisory board. 

“My focus has been building the right team of advisors and surrounding Clay and I with some of the best in the business, people smarter than us,” he said. 

DeWalt and Heath both acknowledged it was an easy choice to join the Screen Skinz team. 

“He outlined so many fantastic decisions already in place, but the need to scale and manage the brand properly was an area I felt I could provide guidance,” Heath said. 

Similarly, DeWalt said he was eager to join the board.  “I could easily see that RaShaun was coachable, has grit, and is hyper-focused on making Screen Skinz an industry leader,” he said.  

Under Brown’s leadership, his goal is to grow the company both online and in the retail space as they are now operating within every major sports market. He plans to continue to foster the company’s relationship with Keyscaper, with a focus on solidifying their e-commerce channels. Specifically, he aims to build up Screen Skinz e-commerce footprint in hopes of maximizing all licenses. 

“Our next priority is to enter the retail space by mid-2022,” he said. “ This will really scale the business and help catapult our unique product into customers hands and onto their phone screens.” 

Heath, in his new advisory role can offer expertise growing in the retail space after 40 plus years of experience in athletic footwear, accessories, equipment, apparel. He will allow for great perspective in helping shape and guide the smart growth of this brand. 

”The world of licensed products is littered with great ideas and products gone bad,” Heath said. “As well, keeping IP strong and protected is important for showing a discernible competitive advantage to the reseller and licensee.”


 On a larger scale, Brown’s vision for the future expands beyond the sports world. DeWalt, with his background as an entrepreneur, marketer, brand strategist, and venture capitalist is in line with Brown’s vision and sees the growth of Screen Skinz through diversifying their product portfolio. 

“I want to evolve our product into the next phases of passion to reach more consumers, building products around Disney, Marvel, and Luxury brands to name a few,” Brown said. 

However, Brown is quick to recognize the growth the company has experienced and how it can evolve in the future. 

“We are in a great position and can do a lot, but do not want to move too fast,” he said. 

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