Former Apple Executive Wayne Pfeffer Joins Screen Skinz Advisory Board
November 4, 2022
Former Apple Executive Wayne Pfeffer Joins Screen Skinz Advisory Board

Former Apple Executive Wayne Pfeffer has joined the Screen Skinz team with a focus on channel expansion and revenue growth. After completing nearly 22 years at Apple, most recently as Director, Worldwide Accessory Products & Merchandising for Apple Retail and Online, Pfeffer is ready to take on a new challenge and opportunity to expand his career scope.  

“ I joke that I’m still figuring out what I want to be when I grow up,” Pfeffer said.

After a 20 year career with the industry leader in technology and innovation, he never wavered from his entrepreneurial roots instilled in him at a young age.

“ Both my parents were entrepreneurs,” he said. “ I always thought I’d go down that path.”

For now, Pfeffer’s goal is to enjoy the transition and embrace his new passion to serve as a consultant and advisor for smaller companies. Soon after his departure from Apple, his journey with Screen Skinz began to form.

“ Once I learned about Screen Skinz I felt it was the perfect intersection of bringing consumer goods to market and my passion for sport,” he said. “ I’m a lifelong sports fan, it made perfect sense.”

Similarly, Brown felt it was a no-brainer to bring an executive like Pfeffer on the team.

“As a start-up mobile accessories company, it is very rare that you have the opportunity to add an executive from Apple to your team. He knows everything about the industry, he’s lived and breathed it for 22 years, for the largest brand in our industry. We can’t even quantify his value, we are blessed he saw value in us and wanted to join our team.”

“Wayne will help us on the product go-to-market strategies and driving revenue. We will leverage his experience to strengthen our direct to consumer model and expand into strategic retail channels. He will also help us establish our KPIs to position ourselves within the market to be successful. One of those areas is focusing on the customer experience, which is something he speaks to often. We have a compelling product, but we must create a compelling customer experience".

Pfeffer’s expertise in bringing consumer goods to market will aid in entering the retail sector, but he understands providing a quality product with a high level of customer satisfaction is crucial.

“ From an advisor perspective, it is important to not try to be everything, the market is saturated, highly competitive,” he said. “ We  are looking to leverage  our core competencies such as the etching on the screen itself and a focus on the licensing. If we double down on those we won’t be spreading ourselves too thin.”

With this in mind, Pfeffer see’s growth of the company through the lens of pillars as avenues to reach consumers.

“I think you have to look at growth in pillars, direct to consumer, as the most profitable where you control customer experience and encourage repeat buying,” he said.

Moving forward, bringing the product to new markets through retail channels is on the horizon, but with caution to continue to maintain a high quality product and user satisfaction for a great out of box experience.

“In the next year, my thought is you want to be sure you are nailing direct to consumer and in parallel exploring other routes to market,” he said.  “The key will be in finding the right balance of direct and indirect selling."

His focus and expertise of bringing consumer goods to market will be invaluable as an advisor. He’s looking forward to helping leverage the powerful combination of licenses with great product to help the Screen Skinz brand grow.

“ This isn’t work, this is fun,” he said.

About Screen Skinz:

Screen Skinz is a mobile accessories company that creates disappearing logo tempered glass screen protection. Screen Skinz combines traditionally blank screen protection with brands that consumers are most passionate about, creating a new category. Consumers can protect their screens with their favorite brands and those brands can now live with their consumers 24/7.

Screen Skinz are the only officially licensed screen protectors within the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA.